Home Staging – A Home Well Staged!

Home Staging – A Home Well Staged!

by: Christopher Tenggren, REALTOR

How important is it to Properly Stage a Home when Marketing it For Sale?

Well, the answer is… It Depends!

In a Marketplace that the Buyers continue to control (for the time being anyway), Would-Be Home Buyers are still “Cherry Picking” the marketplace!   Why you ask?  Because They Can!  Some Home Sellers still have not come to the “Beauty Contest  & Pricing War” realization.  While professional Home Staging isn’t the answer in all cases, it does have its merits in many situations.  Often the Home Owner doesn’t believe their Agent when told to make certain modifications to the interior (or sometimes exterior) esthetics of their home.  Also, and in many cases, the Agent is afraid to make such recommendation for fear of not getting a listing agreement, or worse yet, fear of offending their existing Home Owners/Sellers.  Anyway, the best policy, in my humble opinion, is always honesty!  As an Agent Representing that Seller, if I can’t be honest and forthright with them at the time of listing, I’d have to wait to explain these objections when a Prospective Home Buyer is objecting to the price of the home.  That, my friends, is not a good policy or practice.   I try to get my Client’s permission, up front, to be open and honest at all times, even if it is painful.  It’s Great to have Professional Staging Partners to walk through (pre-listing) to be the first opinion as a third party.  We want the Buyer (and their Real Estate Agent) to walk in and say… Wow!  In the end, A Home Well Staged (and Properly Priced) is Money in the Bank!

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Home Staging – A Home Well Staged!

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