Home Staging – What Home Buyers Want?

Home Staging –

What Home Buyers Want?

by: Eva Pozniak  (Staging Effects by Eva)

Even though the housing market is picking up, there are still a lot of homes just sitting there with no offers in sight!

So what do Home Buyers want?  What will it take to get them to make that offer?  As a professional Home Stager let me share the 5 things that Home Buyers really want to see when they walk into a home that is for sale….

1. SPACE – Buyers want to see how the furniture is placed.  They want to see if there is enough space for their furniture as well as their family.  The buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living in your home.  This is where an experienced Home Stager comes in and knows how to enhance the floor plan and use proper scaled furniture to show the potential of the space.

2. FUNCTION – Buyers need to see the purpose of each room in the home for sale.  A dining room needs to be shown as just that.  A pretty table and chairs defines the space and the buyer knows exactly what room they are in.  A spare bedroom for example, that is used for storage will confuse the buyer and present the home as not having enough closets or storage space.  So present a 3 bedroom home as just that by staging the rooms with bedroom furniture or 2 bedrooms and one as an office.  A well staged home presents each room with a function and purpose.

3. STYLE – The buyers of today are looking for that ready to move in, model home.  Buyers want to move in without any further investment out of their pocket. So it is up to the seller to invest in some of the most wanted upgrades to satisfy the needs in this competitive market.  A home stager can do a consultation with the seller to educate them on what needs upgrading in their home. Sometimes all it takes is some fresh paint and a new carpet to get the house sold.

4. EMOTION – Buying a home is an emotional experience.  The buyers want to feel like this could be their home.  They want to feel good in that space.  Making a home feel pleasant and comfortable using color, lighting and furniture will evoke that emotional connection.  This will get the house sold.  The buyer will want to stay there!

5. PRICE – Buyers want to pay a fair price. If the seller’s price is much higher than what the competition is selling for, they will walk away.  At that point all the other aspects of the house don’t matter.  The buyer will keep looking elsewhere.  The house has to be priced right!

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Home Staging – What Home Buyers Want?

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