Home Staging – Where to Save & Spend Money

Clean KitchenHome Staging – Where to Save & Spend Money

by: Eva Pozniak  (Staging Effects by Eva)

Where to save and spend when it comes to Home Staging!

Most homeowners have a tough time figuring out where it would pay off to spend a little money to get their home looking its best and sold fast. Keep in mind that being frugal is the way to go when staging your home. a good Home Stager will steer you in the right direction of where your money should be spent to get a fair return. Here are some examples of spending a little to get the Staged look.

1. Use Furniture you Already Own. There’s no need to purchase new furniture. Most homeowners already have too much so decluttering and bringing in some new throw pillows and a new vase for the coffee table will update the space instantly. The bedroom will draw buyers in with a nicely dressed bed, a side table and lamp.

2. Don’t Paint the Trim. If you need to paint the walls in order to freshen up the space or change the color pallet then do so but leave the trim as is. Painting the trim is time consuming and therefore will cost you more. You’ll get more bang for your buck by skipping the trim and you will still have a fresh new space.

3. Don’t Replace all of Your Appliances. If your black or white appliances are in good conition then don’t believe the hype that you need to give the buyers all stainless steel. As long as your kitchen looks clean and in working order the buyer will focus on the space itself.

4. Don’t Refinish the Floor. If you have hardwood floors, you are already ahead of the game because that’s an upgrade. Even if your hardwood floors are not in perfect shape don’t spend your money having them refinished. Sometimes the floor can be revived with a good cleaning and wood stain touch-ups.

5. Leave Some of That Brass. To replace every brass doorknob, hinge and fixture could get very expensive and even though brass makes the home look dated focusing on the bathroom fixtures and chandeliers is where soending the money will make a differece. Go with Antiqued brass or brushed nickel.

6. Leave the Kids Rooms as They Are. Not all rooms have to be neutral. Everyone expects kids rooms to have a theme so just declutter and tidy up and save on keeping those walls pink. This area will not make or break a sale.

Now you have a few ideas and can see that to stage a home does not need to cost a lot and your whole house does not have to be completely transformed to please the buyer. Your home just needs some inexpensive tweeks to get it sold!

Home Staging – Where to Save & Spend Money

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