Home Staging – Why Stage Your House If You’re Selling

staging_by_eva_0116Home Staging – Why Stage Your House If You’re Selling

Written by: Eva Pozniak  (Staging Effects by Eva), January 26, 2016

Staging is a useful tool for setting yourself apart from the competition. In order to sell fast and for top dollar you must attract buyers and present the home in its best condition. A 1-3% investment in home staging yields an 8-10% return. I’d say that this is a good deal. According to The Real Estate Staging Association homes that were professionally staged sold 72% faster.

Investing just a small amount in home staging will help conceal some of the unattractive features and faults of a property. By using neutral colors, cleaning, decluttering and accessorizing the house for eye appeal, you’re putting the focus on the positives. You as the seller want to give the competition a run for their money.

Online shopping is the first stop for most home buyers. A staged home always shows better in photographs than an unstaged home. From the initial online viewing a buyer can be discouraged from the potential of a property based on seeing cluttered, dark unappealing rooms. What staging does is it conceals the negatives and accentuates the positives.

Buyers have very high expectations, and rightfully so! Successful agents know that the competition can be stiff. Home staging does 3 essential things. It creates great online presentations, brings the buyer to the front door for viewings and most importantly, brings in offers!

Home Staging – Why Stage Your House If You’re Selling

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