Home Staging – All is Quiet after a Busy Holiday Season!

After the HolidaysHome Staging – All is Quiet after a Busy Holiday Season!

by: Pamela Bell, HSR  (Around The House Decorating)

Now that a new year approaches us,Tis’ the season to start thinking of getting busy.  Are you thinking of listing your home or want to make a “Great Impression” to your home that is already on the market for faster and more profitable sale?

Homes do sell in the winter season, but with a little more effort!  Listing your home in wintery months means less competition from other sellers. This up’s the demand for your home.

Here are a several tips for having your home listed in the winter months:

1. Make sure all driveways, sidewalks and paths are clear of snow and ice.

2. Accent with color to bring in warmth and cheer.  Bright pillows, a large bouquet of fresh flowers, etc.  This will create an instant welcoming feeling for your potential buyers.

3. Buyers are not only looking at your home, they are looking at the surroundings.  This time of year you will not see many kids outside, biking or fishing. Have your real estate professional provide you with a list of winter activities in the area such as ice stating, indoor gyms, ice fishing, etc.  Along with the usual information on the area.  You have to emphasize those winter positives!

4. Leave some of your patio furniture out for great visual appeal of your deck or patio.  Add some colorful winter plants, or fire pit, etc.

5. Keep your home Warm!

6. Keep your home bright.  Let the light in.  Light reflects beautiful off of snow.

7. Create an Ambiance.  If you are showing your home and have certain features, such as a fireplace, show them off!

8. Have your home professionally staged if you have any doubt that your home may need a little help.  Your home will show even better and up the demand.

9. Warm welcoming scents are great, but keep away from some of those seasonable scents such as cinnamon, pine, pumpkin, etc.  This is not appealing to most. Something fresh, or baked, always works better.

Always remember you want to be one step ahead of the competition, so add that little extra boost to your home by presenting it well in the Winter months!

Homes Staging – All is Quiet after a Busy Holiday Season!

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