Top 10 Tools for the First-Time Home Owner

first-time-homeowner-guide-toolsTop 10 Tools for the First-Time Home Owner

By: HouseLogic – Courtney Craig, August 31, 2012

When I bought my first house in May, my heart was full but my wallet was empty. The crush of a down payment left me with little extra cash to spend on tools for my new home – some of which I needed immediately.

I borrowed tools from friends and family until I caught my breath financially and could buy things for myself. Four months into life at my new home, I can tell you these are the 10 essential tools you’ll want.

Making the transition from renter to home owner means you can’t call a landlord to fix things anymore. Here’s what you need to get your must-have toolbox started.

1. Ladder

2. Circular Saw

3. Cordless Drill

4. Hammer

5. Garden Hose

6. Tape Measure

7. Level

8. Screw Drives

9. Pliers

10. Stud Finder


Top 10 Tools for the First-Time Home Owner 

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