Home Staging – Yes You Can Sell Your House in the Winter

yes_you_can_sell_in_the_winterHome Staging – Yes You Can Sell Your House in the Winter

Written by: Eva Pozniak  (Staging Effects by Eva), January 12, 2015

Now that the Holidays are behind us and the festive decor is put away, it is time to think about getting your house ready for sale. Even if you wouldn’t necessarily choose to sell your house in the winter, here are a few tips to help your chances of closing promptly. And, the one advantage you already have, is a thinned-out field of competitors.

1. Basic Maintenance – Cleaning and de-cluttering are a must. Clean floors, carpets and walls are a must. A fresh coat of neutral paint presents a well cared for home.

2. Curb Appeal – The outside of the house can mean the difference between a deal or no deal.  So touching up the exterior and tidying up the front and back yard is still essential even in this season. And snow removal is crucial if you want anyone to make their way to your front door.

3. Vacant and Cold is a No-No – Staging with at least some pieces of furniture is essential. And turning up the thermostat for showings will convey that warm and cozy feeling. A cold and empty house will result in low offers.

4. Lighting – With short winter days, it is a good idea to schedule showings during day-light hours.  Let in light by pulling back curtains and opening blinds. Natural light will take away some of the winter gloom. And for those evening winter showings, make sure that the house is well lit from the outside in. This is not the time to save on that electricity bill.

These are just a few simple tips that are truly valuable and can make a huge difference in the duration of time on the market, as well as the offer amount!

Home Staging – Yes You Can Sell Your House in the Winter

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