10 Reasons You Can Sell Your Home During the Holidays Without Hassle

holiday_listing10 Reasons You Can Sell Your Home During the Holidays Without Hassle

Published By: REALTOR.com, Written by Suzanne Roy & Sam BeDord, November 2014

To many homeowners, selling a home during the holidays sounds like a stressful, unproductive experience. The objections come from two categories:

Holiday listings are a hassle:
Mom won’t be able to put up all of her favorite decorations.
The phone will ring all through Thanksgiving dinner.
We’ll have to kick Grandma and Grandpa out every day during nap time for showings.

Holiday listings are unproductive:
Almost all home sales happen in the summer.
Everyone travels during the holidays, so all of the buyers will be out of town.
There are very few home buyers in the winter, and they will still be looking in spring.

While many of these old stand-bys were true in years past, the way real estate is conducted and the way consumers buy homes has shifted dramatically in recent years. There are a lot of significant reasons today to have your home listed for sale during the holidays.

Here are 10 examples, including five describing the utility and five discounting the hassle of a holiday listing:

Five Reasons the Marketplace Now Demands Your Home Listing Year-Round

1. The Growth of International Buyers

2. American Homeowner Mobility Continues to Increase

3. Seller Competition Is Lighter During the Holidays

4. Holiday Home Shoppers Are More Motivated

5. Internet Searches During the Holidays Surge

Five Reasons That a Holiday Real Estate Listing Need Not Be a Hassle

6. If You’re Traveling, It’s Easy

7. You Don’t Have to Take Any Calls You Don’t Want To

8. You Can Have a Daily Showing Schedule

9. You Can Create Blackout Dates

10. Holiday Decorations? Just Go For It.

Be Proactive – Take Control of Your Holiday Home Listing

Selling your home during the holidays can actually be a well-managed, stress-free experience. If you take the time to set ground rules and boundaries, you’ll find that you and your REALTOR® will benefit from the understanding during the process. In the meantime, you might be the only home on the block that is visibly available for sale to the next out-of-towner or anxious first-time buyer that is out on the holiday house hunting prowl.

10 Reasons You Can Sell Your Home During the Holidays Without Hassle

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