Back to School Time

Back to School Time

Published by: Christopher Tenggren of at RE/MAX All Pro in St. Charles, IL, August 23 2018

As summer comes to an end and back-to-school season begins, it can be hard to get back into a regular schedule both for kids and adults. The trick here is to plan ahead. Read through this list and identify some strategies that you think could help you and your family stay organized and on top of things.

  • Set your kids’ sleep schedules back to “School Time” two weeks before the first day.
  • Visit cultural attractions like museums to shift their brains into “Scholar” mode.
  • Reacquaint your kids with the calendar schedule they’ll use to manage their activities.
  • Create a family calendar that tracks everyone’s activities and commitments.
  • Discuss what your kids can expect on the first day so they feel more prepared.
  • Visit the school with your kids so they can get familiar with their new environments.
  • Get the lists of school supplies, books and technology your kids will need.
  • Inventory last year’s school supplies before going out to buy more

With all this preparation, you and your kids will be in great shape.  They’ll head off to school feeling excited and ready to get to work.

Back to School Time

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