Back to School! Where Did the Summer Go?

Back to School! Where Did the Summer Go?

Published by: Chrsitopher Tenggren, August 24, 2017

Where did the summer go?  Fall is just around the corner and kids, along with parents, are getting ready to head back to school.  This can be a hectic time as everyone tries to get back into a routine.  The trick is to plan ahead. Establishing healthy sleeping and study habits are essential for successful students.

Here are some Helpful Thought’s to prepare everyone in the shift back to a school year schedule…

  • Resetting your students sleep schedule is key.  Gone are the days of staying up late and sleeping in.  Set their sleep schedule at least one week before school starts.
  • Get them involved in activities to keep them engaged and meet new friends.
  • Take advantage of an open house.  Get to know the teachers and curriculum that will be required of them.
  • Talk to your kids to see if they have any concerns.  Discuss bullying and who they can turn to if they feel they need help.
  • Prepare to make Homework a priority.  Set aside a consistent time and place each day where they can complete their homework.  If they’re having difficulty, reach out to the teacher sooner rather than later.
  • Monitor tv watching, video gaming and social media.  Set aside family time.  Watch television together instead.  Afterwards discuss what you saw.

Back to School! Where Did the Summer Go?

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