4 Issues To Remember When Looking at Homes Online Versus In Person

4 Issues To Remember When Looking at Homes Online Versus In Person4 Issues To Remember When Looking at Homes Online Versus In Person

Published by: Christopher Tenggren, REALTOR  (HomesInTheFoxValley.com) – 2016

I often get contacted by homebuyers who have found their dream home online and want to see it immediately. They haven’t communicated with a real estate professional yet, and they haven’t looked at a home in person for many years, or ever.  But somehow they know that the home they just found online is the right one. Usually, they have been looking online for awhile and the excitement has been building. This is very common, especially for first time home buyers. After personally showing homes for so many years, I’m constantly reminded that the perfect home for sale online rarely become the perfect house in person.

A good REALTOR® is your best resource to help avoid issues that might jeopardize your home purchase. They will walk you through each step below and make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Here are some things to consider. First of all, when someone hires a real estate professional to list their house for sale, the #1 one job of that agent is to get the most amount of showing activity possible. That is why they are referred to as the “listing” agent. Their top priority is to list the property to the best of their ability with all the tools available. Listing agents use photo, content and video to showcase the property’s highest and best qualities. For this reason, real estate often tends to look better online, than in person. You’ll find out the real details upon visiting the property.

  1. Don’t Trust Room Sizes by the Photos
  2. It’s Not Always as Clean as it Looks Online
  3. What’s That Smell
  4. It May Not Be as Peaceful as it Looks

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4 Issues To Remember When Looking at Homes Online Versus In Person

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