Home Staging – Curb Appeal – Creating a Colorful Entrance

front.door.2Home Staging – Curb Appeal – Creating a Colorful Entrance

by: Patricia Marie Kelly, APSD, RRPM, RESA-PRO  (Marie Kelly Unlimited)

In order to sell your home successfully, you need more than a sign in the lawn, and pretty furniture inside.  Knowing what buyers want, and what price they are willing to reasonably pay for it, is the vital balance that Pro’s like Real Estate Agents and Home Staging Professionals together,can bring to your selling table.

Everyone knows that Curb Appeal is the one of the most important factors in creating desire for potential buyers to view your home.  Depending on the color and architechtural style of your home, a COLORFUL front door may be just what you need in order to stand out, yet also brings warmth and character to your home.  Nothing compares to the elegance of a wooden front door.  Stately, luxurious, and considered maintenace free by potential buyers.  Think of the homes you’ve driven by and dream of someday, how many of those homes have a wooden door with textured glass or sleek metal details?

For those of us with less than dreamy entrances, who rely on COLOR to be the focal point of a warm and welcoming home entrance, many people’s thoughts of a colorful front door automatically turn to basic BLACK or RED.  Although both colors blend in well with most homes especially Traditional and Colonial styles, selecting a color for your door also depends on the style and color of your home’s exterior.

Choosing a COLOR for your Front Door also depends on the look you are trying to achieve.  Do you want your Front Door to stand out, blend in better for cohesiveness, or do you need it to slide into the background, giving front and center attention to the landscape and architechtural detail of your home. Selecting paint colors for your front entrance to your home is more than just pretty paint colors.  Your front door is the emotional entrance to your home, and first step to creating the feel of what is coming, once they open that door.  For this reason, color not only has to be appealing, but carry meaning.  This is where a Color Expert or Home Staging Professional, can help you decide what selections are best suited for your home, in order to achieve the look you need for best value, appearance, and style.

Home Staging – Curb Appeal – Creating a Colorful Entrance

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