Home Staging – 7 Steps To Stage A Home On A Budget

master_bedroom_stagedHome Staging – 7 Steps To Stage A Home On A Budget

by: Eva Pozniak  (Staging Effects by Eva), August 7, 2014

The most important thing to remember when considering staging a home for sale is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Updating and making a home look its best is not as expensive as one might assume. First impressions matter, so make sure the home presents itself in the best possible light from the outside in.

These 7 steps will ensure that the home leaves a lasting impression.

1. Curb appeal is sell appeal.

Clean up the front porch, walkway. Trim bushes and dead plants. Freshen up the porch and the door with new paint. These are a few inexpensive ways to make the house pop.

2. Remove Clutter.

Put away personal photos, knickknacks and all collectibles. People are looking for space and cleaning out the clutter will create space. This in return will make the house look bigger and feel younger.

3. Edit Furniture.

Overcrowded rooms can obstruct the focal points in a room such as a great fireplace. Bigger and less attractive pieces of furniture should be stored away.

4. QTip Clean the Home.

Clean the home from top to bottom. Windows, carpets, grout and spots on furniture are very noticable when dirty and the home buyers will be turned off. The house has to look and feel brand new.

5. Buy Me Beige Sells.

Neutral paint always feels new and in style. Any neutral shade will go with the homes decor and you can create interest with pops of color with accessories that most homeowners already own.

6. Replace Light Fixtures and Cabinet Hardware.

Fairly inexpensive, but make such a transformation to updating any room in the house. There is nothing more distracting than an old brass crystal chandelier in the dining room, or if the kitchen cabinets are in great shape but the hardware ages them ten years.

7. Accessorizing Updates a Space.  

A few new accessories can make the home look and feel brand new. Place a new matching towel set in the bathrooms, throw some new accent pillows on the sofa and get fresh new bedding on the beds and the buyers will surely be impressed.

In conclusion, before you put your house on the market, put in a little money and effort into making the home sellable. Work with your budget, do what you can, but do something! In the end this small investment will be back in your pocket!

Home Staging – 7 Steps To Stage A Home On A Budget

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